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Mcgeachy Hudson & Zuravel, Fayetteville, NC
Established in 1945, McGeachy Hudson & Zuravel offers legal assistance to a wide area surrounding Fayetteville, NC. We strive to meet the legal needs of our individual clients and their families, and small businesses by offering personalized services including personal injury, wills and estates, traffic and real estate representation.

At McGeachy Hudson & Zuravel, you’ll receive personalized attention to you and your case. We’ll begin your case with a free consultation, so you’ll get to know us, while we get to know you. We know you have a story to tell, so our team will take the time to learn all of the details before explaining exactly what can be expected from our services. But rest assured, we never let details get in the way of helping you through a difficult time. We know what’s important, so we do what we can to protect you and your rights.

In order to be successful, we find it’s important to be prepared. We meticulously prepare and plan for your case, ensuring every detail is well-drafted, clear and assembled.

Find your resolution and a peace of mind with McGeachy Hudson & Zuravel. To receive a free consultation, contact us by calling (910) 323-1853.
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