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Our Areas of Expertise

McGeachy Hudson & Zuravel legal team in Fayetteville, NC

Founded in 1945, McGeachy Hudson & Zuravel has consistently served the needs of the Fayetteville, NC community by offering quality, cost-effective legal services. Our team consists of the best and the brightest lawyers in the area, who take the time to get to know you before beginning the process of thoroughly planning, drafting, and documenting your case to achieve the best results.

Personal Injury

Accidents can cause a serious amount of physical suffering, stress, and financial turmoil. You can’t put a value on wellbeing, but we’ll work hard so you receive the compensation you deserve. Our initial consultation is complimentary, so you can provide us with all of the details of your case.

Wills and Estates

When it comes to future plans for your property and belongings, it can sometimes be difficult. At McGeachy Hudson & Zuravel, we make sure we learn your goals and address any questions or concerns you may have about your assets. We want our clients to feel relief in knowing their future is in the best hands.


Whether you’ve received a parking, traffic ticket or violation, we know the laws of the road and are here to help you through such a stop-and-go process. If we can’t completely relieve you of the charges, we can try to reduce them as much as we can.

Real Estate

There are many elements and legalities that go into buying, owning, and selling a property. We’re equipped to handle all matters regarding any real estate transaction including, purchase agreements, mortgage documents, and title and transfer documents.
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